Tuesday, June 12, 2012

E-House and Fox Hunt Tavern, Bensalem PA

Eddington House and Fox Hunt Tavern are two a fun little dives, with very different atmospheres, inhabited mostly by residents of this Philadelphia suburb. Like most dives, the only thing really noteworthy about them are the people inside.

"I poked my eye today," a woman said, randomly striking up a conversation with my girlfriend a few Friday nights ago.

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

"Hell no, I'm drinking!" was the reply.

A normal back-and-forth, for a rowdy bar on a Friday night. But the next impromptu confession from the woman was pure gold.

"He hates because me because that guy's his best friend," she said, pointing to a man across the bar. "And I fuck him."

Eddington House is located at 2813 Hulmeville Rd. in Bensalem, a suburb of about 60,000 people roughly 20 miles northeast of Phila. The locals call it E-House.

Their website boasts "21 Plasma TVs... 80 Out of Market Games Weekly" and, of course, "Beer Specials During Phillies Games"

This is what we walked into that night.